Silicone dolls are realistic objects

Realistic objects are designed to imitate reality. For these realistic silicone dolls, they are displayed in several ranges in the stores, they are customizable and they are the wonders of men.

Too real, realistic dolls are scary

We cannot and should not consider those men who prefer to make their life with a doll of a normal person. On the one hand, they are all in this situation, since they were to hurt by women in the love story. These men know that they can't build a family with their doll, but she is the best option for him.

Besides, the characteristics of a silicone doll have evolved a lot. They are more real and more reasonable than a real woman with a poor school education for example. The manufacturers have installed a reasoning program so that the silicone love doll can respond exactly to the needs of its owner. To open her mouth when she needs to, to move her hips, to moan whenever sex gives her pleasure from the intensity of the man's action.

Comfort and love are enough for the clients

The only limit with her silicone dolls is the soul side. It is true that in love, who can really find a person who has a soul well framed in the world of logic, most women get into a love story out of interest. So, once the dolls have landed on the market of sex toys, men have not hesitated to get them, moreover, even if the orders are rare, there are men in silicone dolls. These dolls are articulated, that's why its average weight is about 40 kilos for 160 cm. Nothing is left to chance, the hands of these dolls have veins, freckles, etc., a doll made by hand and to perfection.

Finally, we can change the heads of these dolls in many ways that we like. The objective is to have a different sensation with all our love dolls.


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